(As the calendar slowly winds down on another school year, while the weather outside more closely resembles the doldrums of winter, my heart wanders.  My short life has given me opportunties to experience people & cultures most can only watch TV specials about, but all that has sadly left me spoiled to the day-to-day routine of real life.  The following is a journal entry from my Canadian Rockies trip last summer (which included the discovery of Felipe Beach).  *Sigh*…how many more days until summer?)

*Written from Shuswap Lake, B.C., on my 32nd birthday, the last day of a great trip:

“A beautiful morning, in a beautiful place, once again.  While the individual locations may grow a bit familiar from a tourist standpoint, being surrounded by grandeur and majestic natural beauty seems to defy the normal trappings of time.  You forget to look at your watch.  You don’t need to be “doing” anything.  It’s just enough to sit in a comfy chair, listen to a rushing waterfall, watch the stars try to peek out from behind the clouds, and let your brain sort out the past day, week, year.

“Why spend money I don’t have on a trip to the Rockies?  Why stay at strange hostels (which I write while sitting on a caboose step), with very unique people (many of whom snore)?  Because, when I start these adventures, the rush of excitement wears off quickly.  I find myself panicking over small setbacks, unwilling to experience new things and people, and generally longing to just have everything be stable and safe.  It gets a little harder to get off the ground each time I strike out to new territory, and that’s what scares me.  That’s why I keep stepping into illogical adventures; so that the safe, logical decisions of day-to-day life might possibly become little adventures themselves, not limited by my fears.

“As I strike out on unfolding of this year’s path, I am praying that my fears and “self-stabilizing” tendencies will become a think of the past.  Maybe that five-year scenario I laid out two years ago can kick itself into gear, and bring new daily adventures.”