August 2008

Hi everyone  –

Thanks for your notes, cards, encouragements, prayers, gifts, and visits.  I’m here at rehab in Bham, and the plan is to spring me loose on Friday.  Things are coming along really fast, but I’ve still got a lot of work to do (gotta rewire everything connected to that part of the brain).  Then Wed.  I head to UW for the follow up, including biopsy report.  All looks OK right now, though.) 

From here, the plan is to head to my parents’ for a few transition day (while I continue to get my balance back, along w/ left hand dexterity).  After that ,back home, where I’ll continue to get rehab services to fine-tune things. 

More later, but typing is still  a litttle tricky.  Big thanks to my roommate Greg for updating this site.  Talk to you all soon.


Good news, I just received a message saying that the doctors are planning to move Phil up to St Joseph Hospital (South campus) in Bellingham tomorrow (Friday, Aug 22).  More information to come on how that works out tomorrow.

Phil is still in Seattle and is steadily recovering.  He is showing improvement every day and even though it has been a slow process he is still within the normal recovery time frame.  Soon he should be able to begin physical therapy.  The results from testing the tumor are not in yet and we’ll let you know when they come in.  Phil’s sister Ruth has said that some vistors would be ok as long as they contact a family member ahead of time to find out a good time to visit.  Also if you would like to send a card here is the address:

Phil Davies

Room 4246

University of Washington Medical Center

1959 N.E. Pacific

Seattle, WA 98195

Once again to update everything with the surgery has gone exactly as doctors expected.  Phil has spoken to family and everthing is going fine.  Phil’s family has asked that I post that they would prefer no visitors at this time because Phil is needing a lot of sleep/resting a lot right now.  This is nothing to be concerned about its just that more rest equals a faster recovery time.

Phil is out of surgery now and everything went fine and as expected!  I will put up another update later today when more information is available.

How often do you get a highly-detailed image of your brain?  If nothing else, I can get some pretty great portraits out of this whole thing (the actual images are in a 3D format, which you can rotate and adjust the contrast/colors of).  You can see the tumor on the top of the first image, and in the colored portion of the second (MRI images make it look a bit more extreme than it actually is, but this gives you an idea of what’s going on).  Neuroscience is just a fascinating field.
More details on the 14th (after surgery).  Thanks for your prayers and encouragement; I can’t fully express how much it means to have such a solid support team behind me in this.  I pray that, by praying for another’s needs, you are having your own faith strengthened a bit, to prepare you for your own battles that lie ahead.
Phil's brain, side view (MRI image)

Phil's brain, side view (MRI image)

Phil's brain, top view, reversed (MRI image)

Phil's brain, top view, reversed (MRI image)