September 2008

Hi everyone –

As you might know, this week I began my daily radiation + chemotherapy regimen (to treat a malignant brain tumor that was removed this summer).  For the most part, I’m not expecting any real problems with this process (aside from a little nausea the pills have already given me).  And many of you have been wonderful about lending/offering assistance as needed, something I’m incredibly grateful for… (more…)


Here’s a brief update…brief, both because there’s not that much new info, and also brief because I’m getting just a bit tired of only talking/writing about the whole tumor thing.  The latest is that I’ll be starting radiation sometime next week or so, depending on when the chemo meds can be shipped.  My chemo regimen will consist of a daily pill through the duration of the radiation treatment, which will run into the first couple weeks of November.  Last week, I spent a morning in the ER with a freak, very painful bout of pneumonia, but am totally fine now.  Other than that, recovery continues to go well, and I continue to appreciate your prayers for health & logistical issues that await.  Your continued encouragement and support are the kind of thing that make seven weeks of radiation/chemo not look as bad as it could be.  I look forward to finding out what God’s going to do through all this, in my life and yours.  More soon…

 …But in the meantime, having nothing to do with tumors or tumor treatments… (more…)

Hi everyone – not a whole lot to update on today, but I just wanted to get something new on the page.  Here’s the latest on my treatment plan: (more…)

A long-delayed post, hampered partly by my limited mental/physical energies during this time of recovery from my brain tumor-removal surgery (hampered partly by tech issues).  Last week, I had my follow-up appt. with the doctors at University of WA, where we discussed the results of the biopsy of my tumor.  While I was hoping to hear that the tumor was fully removed and was fully benign, and that I’d never have to worry about this kind of thing again, turns out it wouldn’t be that easy.  (more…)

Hi everyone – my apologies for so little communication lately.  I’m back home now, was pretty nomadic for the weekend, and am usually running low on mental/physical energy.  But I’m very appreciative of the encouragments and prayers you’ve all been passing along.  More soon – my recovery won’t be as cut & dried as I’d hoped – but for now, I’m feeling great.    Thanks again!