November 2008

Once again, just like last year, a coworker at my elementary school presented her 2nd graders with a daunting challenge: how do you cook a turkey dinner?  Enjoy their solutions (but I’d pass on the dinner invite)…


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Hi everyone; here’s the latest health update I just wrapped up 7 weeks of radiation treatments this past Wednesday (but you already knew that).  This, along with the first part of chemo, which will have some follow up starting in a month.  So, in December, I’ll get my next MRI scan (of many to come), follow up with all doctors concerned, then start the follow-up chemo (5 days straight of a higher dosage, once a month for 6 mos.).  

Among the many, many things I can be thankful for are: getting back to work last week (in elementary special ed. classroom); no significant changes in health after end of treatments (though my body’s still figuring a few things out); good, stable health insurance (after years of cynicism, those guys have won me over); great doctors & medical staff that have helped get me to a good place (who I’d love to see in the grocery store perhaps, but that’s it); and the countless ways that you, my friends and family, have taken my burdens upon yourselves over the past few months through your prayers & encouragements.  Another health update will come in a month or so…


I think it was a McDonald’s commercial that caught my eye this afternoon; a happy couple were enjoying some of the most absolutely perfect sandwiches known to mankind.  Flawless in texture, formed with expert craftsmanship; it all brought to mind a time when I got to see how that kind of perfection is achieved… (more…)

rad-mask-1              rad-mask-2

Pictured is my mask from radiation therapy, one of many colorful souvenirs I got from the past 4 mos., along with a huge stack of paperwork and a pretty gnarly scar.  Now, here at the end of all things radiation-related, I need to find something really cool to do with this particular item.  It’s a mesh plastic, somewhat pliable, and very lightweight.  

So, let’s have it: what are your best ideas for what to do with my radiation mask?  Please leave your comments below (or contact me directly, if you’re too shy).  Thanks for your creativity!

This is the Cascade Brain & Spine Center (Bellingham, WA)…an ominously-named medical facility.  I used to drive by this place and think to myself, “Wow,  I hope I never have to make use of their facilities.”  Hmm…

cbsc1 (more…)

…I have always been, and remain, a brazen and unrepentant Wanderluster.  Especially during these dreary Pacific Northwest overcast days, the memories of adventures past (and ones that never came to be) haunt me.  It doesn’t help when I spent half my summer in medical facilities, either.  Nor does the prospect of having to renew my passport, which burns with the exotic colors and designs of stamps from so many fun places I’ve been privileged to see during a very fun 10 years.  So much adventure to taste, so little time and money to do it with…

So what’s a chronic Wanderluster to do?  (more…)

Driving chart is below, if you’ve already signed up.  Otherwise, I’m covered, but thanks!  Not much new to report, but will have other stuff soon)

Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everyone…though the real fireworks were last night (and every night for nearly the past two years), as we come to the end of a historic, and historically-long, election season here in the U.S..  It all got me thinking of another politically-themed story of mine… (more…)

(Driving chart is below, if you’ve already signed up.  Otherwise, I’m covered, but thanks!)

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Not that I particularly celebrate the day, but I just like the idea of dressing up funny and giving little kids candy (perhaps we can develop an August alternative?)

In the meantime, some pre-election cheer, in the form of the McBama Unity Pumpkin (carved by Phil, Oct 08): (more…)