…I have always been, and remain, a brazen and unrepentant Wanderluster.  Especially during these dreary Pacific Northwest overcast days, the memories of adventures past (and ones that never came to be) haunt me.  It doesn’t help when I spent half my summer in medical facilities, either.  Nor does the prospect of having to renew my passport, which burns with the exotic colors and designs of stamps from so many fun places I’ve been privileged to see during a very fun 10 years.  So much adventure to taste, so little time and money to do it with…

So what’s a chronic Wanderluster to do?  Why, gaze off longingly to the skies, dreaming of adventures that might be someday, of course! (while taking others down with him)  So relax, grab a beverage, sit back, and enjoy my list of dream travel destinations (itemized by region):

*Health Update: Nothing new, but thanks for checking!  I’m feeling great!  Radiation finishes Wednesday 11/12, chemo runs thru the end of the week (plus 6 mos. of follow-up), then we wait for 6 mo. scans.  A bigger post on that topic coming later this week – thanks again for your prayers/encouragement!


North America

1) Havana, Cuba: classic old city, trapped in another time by an oppresive regime, but vibrant and full of life, nonetheless.  A fellow traveller I once encountered commented that I should see Cuba before the Castro regime ends, because it will rapidly embrace all the ugly parts of capitalism too fast afterwards, and would soon look more like Miami (beaches lined w/ condos, bars, etc.).  That sounds about right.

2) Maritime Provinces, Canada: no particular one, just the region in general.  Far too much beauty, both natural and in the people, to ever want to pass this place up.  I keep hearing stories of little towns embracing any visitor like long-lost family, while holding on to their sedintary way of life, and long for that kind of peacefulness.

(the obvious ones: New York; Washington, D.C.; Hawaii; more of the Canadian Rockies; Carribean Islands (any); more of Costa Rica)


South America

1) Buenos Aires, Argentina: history meets passion meets beauty.  Wonderful old architecture, vibrant culture, all with a very European flavor.

2) Ecuador: more of the same, just with a more local, indiginous flavor.  I remember reading a letter a friend had written from the roof of a train he was riding through the mountains, and I pretty much fell in love with the whole idea right then and there.

(the obvious ones: Easter Island; Macchu Pichu)



1) Prague, Czech Republic: though I could probably get more mileage out of London or Paris, too many people have mentioned this little diamond-in-the-rough as being their favorite European city for me not to put it on the list. 

2) Tuscany, Italy: do I really need to explain “why Italy?”  Of course, Tuscany would just be the settling-in point after whirlwind tours of Torino, Florence, and Rome.  But, of course, you already knew my plans for visiting this place.

(the obvious ones: London, England; Irish countryside; Paris, France; German/Swiss Alps)

1) Angkor region, Cambodia: a once war-torn region has calmed down to reveal the ancient temples it has housed for centuries, amidst gorgeous countrysides (a much better place today than when they’d kill you for looking smart)

2) Vietnam: (hey, I didn’t say I wanted to live in these places 40 years ago!) See “Cambodia,” above.  Give Vertical Ray of the Sun a watch, too.

(the obvious ones: most of China; Hong Kong; Tokyo; Bangkok; more of the Philippines; South Korea) 


1) Africa is often called the “Dark Continent,”  a title it has sadly earned through years of oppression, beit physical, medical, or religious.  Though I’d have a hard time picking one dream African destination out of the mix, I’d love to go to some of the many communities which many friends tell me about where the Spirit of God is bouncing off the walls, and despair is being boxed out by joy and hope.

(the obvious ones: Cape Town, S.A.; more of Egypt; safaris in most any Southwest country) 




1) Umm, it’s Australia.  Must I digress?



1) See “Australia.”

(actually, I was hoping my Geology credentials might get me down there somehow.  Then I discovered that a Bachelor of Arts from a state school doesn’t count as “credentials.”)


Did I miss anything?