December 2008

Today’s Christmas story: Antigua, Guatemala – Christmas 2005 (more…)


Alright, so I had a big angry rant all written up about how sick I am of my singleness, and the related obstacles it tends to bring with it.  See, I usually keep this issue on the back burner, but occasionally it rubs itself in my face; this has been one of those months.  First, I was left off the short list for a ministry job I’d been pursuing (reason given: I’m not married and can’t provide a “two for one”).  Next, I decided to test the waters with a female iron-in-the-fire I’ve had for awhile, only to get the “2nd-Wave Blowoff” (the one where they first say yes, then later think of “stuff they had to do.”). 

However, in the spirit of the holidays, I’ll take the high road and keep things light (plus, I don’t want to get gossipy, as I totally respect all the individuals mentioned above.  Just not their decision-making processes).  As such, I’d like to devote my next two posts to share stories of Christmases I’ve been privileged to spend in other countries, coming alongside the locals and partaking in their traditions.  I hope I’m able to relay how much fun it was to be a part of a very special time in their culture. and hope you can feel like you were a part of it, too…

Today’s Christmas story: Manila, Christmas 2000. (more…)

This is the debut of a new feature on Felipe Beach, where I’ll come up with some obsequious category, then name some random awards within said category (I wanted to call these awards the “Phillies,” but, you know…the “World Champs” (said while making air quotes) might get a little uppity about that).  These awards are entirely based on my whims, with me acting as Judge and Jury; however, your feedback and continued discussion is most certainly welcomed…

This edition of the Beachies: Christmas Songs (more…)

Saw this story in the Bellingham Herald today: (more…)

Alright, cancer treatment fans, here’s the latest on my brain tumor treatment.  This past Tuesday, I had my first of many MRI’s (to be repeated every 6 to 12 mos.  for the next 5 years or so), which yielded no new tumor growth.  What they did find is what my oncologist called “enhanced activity,” or signs of increased bloodflow around the scar tissue area, which is pretty normal, but still something to keep an eye on. 

Next up:  I now begin my follow-up chemo, which will consist of a monthly five-day stretch, taking double my previous dose of pills, over the next 6 mos.  I have absolutely no idea how my system will react to this dosage: I might be just fine, I might be a shaking, puking mess.  We’re just gonna tackle one little issue at a time, ask the people around me for grace and flexibility, and remember how amazing God’s been to me in 2008. (more…)

The following is a collection of thoughts & musings, none of which warrants an entire post, but each of which should…nay, MUST be heard by the masses:

— My family is trying to do a simpler Christmas this year.  Less presents, more memories, much more sacredness.  Myself, my parents, and my three sisters have casually tossed out ideas for what this would look like, but I’ve quickly realized that my ideas have never really hit the table, and we’re just going to do what everyone else wanted to do in the first place.  This has led me to the conclusion that, in this life, none of us should ever expect to hold any kind of decision-making sway over anyone that has ever changed our diapers. (more…)