In lieu of a lengthy Christmas letter, I’ve begun putting my “year-in-review” thoughts online the past few years.  This year, I’ve created an entire new site devoted to these thoughts.  Many of you received an email pointing you there; for the rest of you, you can head over to for some end-of-the-year, beginning-of-the-year revelry (perhaps a little merriment tossed in there, too.  Absolutely no ballyhoo, though…).  Enjoy, and happy 2009!

*Brief health update — I’m doing great, and awaiting my next round of follow-up chemo (which gave me nearly no side effects last time around).  I’m getting around perfectly fine these days (when I can get through the snow, that is), still figuring a few things out with how my brain handles different types of stimuli (but no seizures, thank God), and very thankful for your prayer, support, and encouragement this past year!*