February 2009

Recently, my employer (the public school district in a town that combines rural farm culture with Midwest Rockwell-esque piety with opulant spec-home suberbia ) took the bold, imaginitive step of asking its staff, along with the community at large, for suggestions on how to trim a horrendous looking budget for next year and beyond.

I must say, this kind of “outside the box” thinking needs to be congratulated.  However, there’s an inherent danger in asking the taxpayers to vent their frustrations during an economic recession. Here are some of my “favorites”: (comments in parentheses are mine) (more…)


Though this post’s title comes from a cheeky sign found in London’s “tubes,” that’s not what this post is about.  This is the last I’ll be speaking about the London Tube…sorry if Google led you astray.  Stick around, though; you might enjoy yourself…

In my various non-English language studies (to date, Spanish, Filipino, plus some French, Arabic, ASL, Ancient Greek, and a little Russian from the kids at recess), as well as my various travels, I’ve occasionally stumbled across a word or phrase which just doesn’t seem to have an English equivalent, and takes longer to explain in English than it does to just say the foreign word.  We often call these incidences lexical gaps; where, try as we might, we English-speakers just haven’t created a word that captures the impact of what we’re trying to say as well as those wacky foreigners have (heck, we haven’t even come up with a word for “lexical gap!”).

Here are a few of my favorites thus far…


*Quick health update: This week marks the halfway point of my follow-up chemo.  Before you go feeling sorry for me, I will tell you flat out, with no pretense of nobility or heroism, that the anti-nausea meds make it so I genuinely don’t feel a thing.  Medical science is a pretty amazing thing, and all I can do is thank the God that gave those medical professionals their creative and innovative brains.  Coming up in the next month will be the follow-up to my “inconclusive” MRI scan from December; your prayers are appreciated for a resounding and conclusive NOTHING.  Thanks for all your encouragements & prayers!

One of my favorite road trip games is “Over-rated/Under-rated.”  This is one which I invented amidst many, many hours in vans with church youth group kids.  It’s easy, simple, and oh-so-fun.  For example: (more…)

So I’m told it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend.  As a single guy (currently not dating, with no legit prospects on the horizon), I really wouldn’t have known this but for a few blaring indicators:


*Disclaimer: I’m really not happy with how this posting came out, and had lots more I wanted to say, but just wanted to get something out there.  It’ll most likely evolve in the coming week or two…

The title of this post comes from an old British TV show I flipped past once.  Though I’m sure this wasn’t how it looked, I always pictured this show as being an assortment of everyday, mundane events, interspursed with bizarre interruptions (like a family sitting around the living room, then the cat burps), which, of course, would be followed by the money line, “Well, THAT was unexpected…”  (more…)