Well, that’s what I’d like to know, too!  I’m awaiting the results of my latest brain MRI, checking to see if the infamous brain tumor has reared its ugly head again.  I was all set to get the results yesterday; however, I was given the wrong appointment day, so now we wait until Monday.  That’s OK; more time to prepare for the worst, and hope/pray for the best…

Speaking of preparing, people ask me what I’m doing with this constant knowledge that these tumors generally try to reoccur, and do so with a vengeance.  I tell them the following:

I can keep praying.   Prayer is a funny thing.  It’s not so much that I’m trying to change any “death wish” God might have against me; rather, I’m trying to learn.  Learn what God’s will for my life would be.  Learn what myself and others can learn through something that could otherwise be a devastating experience.  Learn how to make the most of this (hopefully short) time in my life, and how to help otherse do the same with their lives.  Oh, yeah, and the healing thing, too.  I’d like some of that, please…

I can keep eating.  More and more, our society is learning what kind of impact our diets can have on our cancer-growing and cancer-fighting tendencies.  You may hear the terms “antioxidant” and “Superfoods” get tossed around a lot; well, quite frankly, you need to listen to those people!  The more medical science investigates these claims (long championed by the oft-dismissed naturopaths), the more they see that there’s something to it.

One of the best authors I’ve found on the topic is Dr. David Servan-Screiber, a neuropsychologist who found himself faced with a cancerous brain tumor, and no medical research telling him what his body could be doing to help prevent this kind of thing from reoccuring (of course, letting proven, conventional treatments have their turn first).  His book, Anti-Cancer, is a survey of his research and findings to this end.  I cannot recommend this book enough, but here’s a condensed version of his major food findings (from Prevention Magazine):

**Eat as much of these as you can: colorful vegetables and legumes; Japanese Green tea (Sencha, etc., not just the cheap Chinese kind); Pomegranate juice; ginger; curry (Tumeric); garlic, onions, leeks, shallots, chives; fatty fish (wild salmon, sardines, etc.); berries; citrus fruits; dark chocolate (I knew you’d like that one!).  In short, try to steer clear of a typical American diet, and embrace more of a Mediterranean, Indian, or Asian diet.

**Stay the heck away from this stuff (not in the article, but from the book) : high glycemic-index food (sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white flour, etc. – these things technically fertilize tumor growth!); fried food (a no-brainer); hydrogenated/partially-hydrogenated oils; non-organic red meat (diseased cows eating diseased food); high-toxin household products (deodorants w/ aluminum; shampoos & lotions w/ parabens, phthalates, and laureth; heating food/liquids in plastic containers).  In short, camp out at what a student of mine calls the “hippy stores.”  Hey, I’ll own that one: nothing more “radical” than kicking cancer’s butt before it kicks yours!


In conclusion, an appaling article I found on Yahoo, listing some of the worst foods money can buy at your average supermarket (but shouldn’t).  Click link to see it, if you want (not visually repulsive, just disgusting to think of how many people live off this stuff).  Yikes…


Eat, pray, and be merry!  For tomorrow, we…we’ll be just fine, actually.