April 2009

Random photos of my recent adventures in brain surgery… (more…)


As I continue to recover from surgery, many of you have generously asked over the past few weeks, “Phil, is there anything we can do to help?”  As one who’s learned the value of bringing others alongside you for the journey, I did my best to create some tangible ways people could do little things to make a big difference for me.  And, true to form, you’ve been coming through with flying colors, signing up to bring over meals, drive me around town, and (most importantly) offering prayers for physical, mental, and practical recovery from a pretty tough year. (more…)

Thursday’s Health Update – thanks so much for all the prayers & encouragements!  I’m happy to report that my healing process is very encouraging; the past 3-4 days have found me feeling leaps-and-bounds better than the previous 3-4 days.  Currently, I’m back at my own place, and feeling a bit stronger every day. 

****** (more…)

But, first, many thanks to my roommate, Greg, for his updating my webpage during my hospitalization (plus his general assistance and good-guy-ness all around). 

Alright, so where’d I last leave you?  Oh, yeah, last Monday AM (4/6), awaiting a pathetically-delayed phone call from UWMC which would schedule a consult with my neurosurgeon.  Long story slightly shorter, I eventually got my Oncology Nurse good & mad about things (you do NOT want an experienced, savvy nurse mad at you), and I had an appt. for Wed. by that afternoon.

Given the overall casualness of all concerned up to this point, my vision was that I’d have the doctors poke at my head, say “We can take care of this right here,” then they’d drain some swelling, and send me on my way with a Band-Aid.  In actuality, within minutes of peeking at the weird swelling on my head, both my neurosurgeon & his associate said, “That’s infected.  We’ll need to admit you.  Now.” 

Very odd, wandering out to the waiting room to tell your ride, “Umm, go ahead and take off.  I’ll just stick around here for a few days or so…”.  (more…)

Another update from Phil’s roommate-Phil will be having surgery today @ 4pm to remove infected bone, then he’ll be in the hospital/recovery for 1-2 days and they will replace the bone in a few weeks.

Update from Phil’s roommate-Phil is staying overnight at UW hospital tonight so they can do the treatment/procedure tomorrow.

OK, I’ll start!

The week before last, I finished off a round of chemo (#4 out of 6 monthly cycles), and began having some complications shortly thereafter.  Specifically, I was driving to work one day, and begun having petite mal seizure – feelings, which hasn’t happened since my surgery last August.  Five minutes at work only made things worse and, by the time I was able to get into the doctor later that morning, I was having full-on petite-mal seizures and kinda freaking out in general.  Wednesday, 3:00 pm.