May 2009

Health Update: Saw the specialists again today, and we’re on schedule —  My annoying penicillin bag comes out this week (!), then I’ll do 4 weeks of pill antibiotics (plus hopefully returning to my job at the school in June), building to a planned late July surgery to put in a molded plastic plate (not titanium like I thought…kind of a let down :-)).  I’m having some lingering symptoms that we’re not able to pinpoint, but can definitively say none of the really bad stuff is happening.  Thanks for praying; I’ll keep you posted!

Holidays.    Knowing they’re coming soon makes a rainy week go faster, or a gloomy season less gloomy.  Who cares?   Soon, we get to have fun!

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which (besides honoring those who died in their service to our country) serves as the unofficial kickoff to summer).  And, if you’re in the greater Seattle area, signals the return of the Northwest Folklife Festival. (more…)


In respose to a question recently posed by Christianity Today’s Singles Channel Newsletter, I formulated the following thoughts: (more…)

The following links will take you to gross pictures of my head, with all its new scars & dents from my latest surgery (Hey, don’t say I don’t deliver what I advertise!) (more…)