June 2009

Brief health update: Not much new to report; we’re still on schedule for a late July/early August surgery to put in a plastic plate to replace the bone that was taken out.  (I might have said mid July before, but had forgotten my doctor’s original timeline, and was just jumping the gun a bit)  Some of my eye/headached issues seem to have settled down a bit, now that I’m not taking all those nasty pills.  I remain much appreciative for the kind words, prayers, and general support from many…

A funny realization hit me the other day; (more…)


A long-overdue update for you folks.  My apologies if you’ve been checking in on me unsuccessfully…

Here’s the latest (referring to my most recent surgery): having ditched my PICC line of penicillin (AKA The IV Line and Big Bag of Misery), I’m in week three of a four-week pill antibiotic cycle, which will be followed by four weeks of watching my crazy, crazy head to see if anything wants to grow back.  Assuming all previous infections are all very dead, I’ll be going back in for surgery sometime in mid-July to install a specially-designed plastic plate (not the Mr. Potato Head plug-in port I’d been hoping for).  I was glad to get back to my middle-school job for the final two weeks of the year, and re-establish relationships with coworkers and students, before we all scattered.  There’ll be some upcoming MRI scans of the tumor site; I’ll keep you posted when these are coming up so you all can be praying for more no news.

In other news, (more…)