Quick health update — I had my latest MRI the other day, and am awaiting results (or lack thereof) to see if either my infection or tumor has decided to show its ugly face again.  I’ll let you know as soon as I confirm the nothing that’s going on up there.  Thanks again for your prayers to that effect!)

Alright…on to business! 

The Long Weekend is upon us (either celebrating Canada’s birthday, or the U.S.’s sticking it to the British (via a War which, by the way, my family at the time was on the losing side of.  Worked out OK for us, though…).  So, with all this free time of yours, you have the choice to (a) work on that list of projects you’ve been saving up, (b) go socialize with friends, (c) enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, or (d) dink around online for a few hours before doing items a-c. 

To that end, may I assist?  Here’s a list of humorous or interesting sites I’ve been able to discover via my timewasting adventures of the past few months.  Enjoy!


(I do not specifically endorse the content or views of these sites, but just laughed at them or found them interesting, sometimes both.  Click on link titles to enter sites, but enter with caution…)
Awkward Family Photos — umm. they pretty much deliver what they advertise.
My Parents Joined Facebook  – I feel for you kids that find yourselves in this horribly awkward predicament…
Garfield Minus Garfield Ever wonder what Jon Arbucle’s life would look like if he wasn’t talking to a cat all the time?  Well, you probably shouldn’t.  Some things are best left unknown…
We Have Lasers!!!!! A proper documentation of the high point of mid-80s American culture: the school photo laser backdrop.  (I put my pic in for submission, and am hoping to see it pop up any day now).
Graphjam — Funny “USA Today” satire of over-graphing of ordinary trends & occurrences.
(some are a little off-color, but many more are very funny).
Stuff White People Like – to quote Homer S., “It’s so true! We’re so lame!”  Funny, insightful stuff…
Postsecret – A classic.  People anonymously send in confessions to their deepest, darkest secrets.  There’s actually some pretty powerful healing that goes on through this unlikeliest of sources.
(definitely some off-color elements here, but generally not crude or vulgar.  Send the kids off to Grandma’s first…)
Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping – As seen in the recent documentary, “What Would Jesus Buy?” the CSS roams the nation preaching the dangers of rampant consumerism, wasteful spending, and general shopping gluttony.  Great stuff…
The Conjugal Visitors – One of my new favorite bands, I see these guys every year at NW Folklife.  Very fun Hillbilly/Bluegrass/Old-Timey Revival-type street band  Check out their MySpace page…
XXX Church – I love these guys.  They’ve created a ministry both to the sex industry (internet & printed porn, prostitution, etc.); and to regular guys who struggle with an unfornate weakness in their natural wiring (not a disproportionate amount of whom can be found in the church).  A bit in-your-face, yes; sometimes distasteful, occasionally; but replicated?  Not yet.  Necessary?  I wish it weren’t.
Destination Imagination! – I’ve talked about this program before, as I’ve coached teams for the past two years.  Hard to describe, but best summed up as “competative cooperation.”  Such a powerful program for kids gaining self-confidence and learning their own voice…
Alright now, back to work on those projects and that relaxation!