*Health note — I’m hoping to get the results of my latest MRI scan today or later this week, and will pass those results along soon.  Prayers appreciated for very boring findings!

On her interesting and creative blog Whimfield (which I highly recommend taking a stroll through), Host Laura-Jane recently posed the question, “Have you been anywhere new lately?”  As this has been on my mind lately, I began a rambling response to this, but soon found I needed to devote a little more space to that one:

 In response to your question, “Have you been anywhere new lately?” I sadly must reply no.  Having been treated for both a brain tumor and a subsequent infection, I’ve been grounded from driving for most of the past year (sorry, not trying to have a gripe-fest, just building to my point).  Now, with some possible setbacks upon me, I face the prospect of another perfect Pacific Northwest summer slipping through my fingers.

My point?  I, too, have been somewhat of a homebody much of my recent adulthood, and only in the past few years discovered how easy and rewarding it is just to take a quick drive to the mountains (many within an hour’s drive of my home), or even just a hour’s bike ride around the rural farm country I live near.  To that end, as I fester inside staring at said mountains, I am building up resolve to never sit and watch another perfect day just go by ungrasped; or even an imperfect day, as those are often the most memorable. 

This isn’t one of those “Boo-Hoo, I had cancer, but now I appreciate life more” kind of notes.  Just an encouragement to myself and others to be more intentional about making ourselves experience things.  Don’t wait to see how you feel Saturday morning to plan something.  Don’t sacrifice memories over a little prolonged poverty.  And, by all means, DO NOT wait for other people’s permission to live your life.  Going to movies or hiking alone are not the worst thing in the world; you’re pretty much on your own with both those things anyway, right?

It’s only July 6.  We’ve all still got plenty of time before winter comes calling again. You can sit inside and read a book all winter.  Listen to your moms, and go play outside!