(I never learned how to say “Good News/Bad News” in Spanish, so that’s the best I can do on a really hot day)

Health Update – (lots of medical frankness here, so sorry if you’re not OK with that) Well, there’s good news and bad news.  Good news is that I’m on the books for an August 10 surgery at UW (stemming from my last surgery).  This would, in theory, put a plate in my head to replace the infected piece of skull that was taken out in April, and would also, in theory, get rid of some nasty scar tissue in my head that’s been causing lots of discomfort lately (as well as ushering in Helmet Independence Day).

The bad news (or less good news, rather) is that I’m completely not out of the woods yet with the initial infection that caused this whole recent mess.  There’s a decent chance it could be lying silently in all that scar tissue, just waiting until it’s sealed in to start making a stink (that would mean repeat the whole process from April onward, by the way).  And, here’s the catch: they won’t know for sure until I’m actually ON the operating table, where they’ll run some tests on my mushy gunk up there during the actual surgery itself.  Test Negative, and I wake up to find that Santa’s brought me a shiny new plastic skull plate; positive, they just stich me up as-is, and we go back to Square One.

What all that means is that I’m praying (and asking for prayer) that these bugs are good and dead, so that my Aug. 10 surgery will be the last time I ever need to have my skull cut open.  I don’t think I need to explain why not repeating a 16-week antibiotic cycle, plus another surgery, would not really be that much fun.

There probably won’t be any health-related updates on here until the surgery date itself.  I appreciate all of your encouragement, support, and prayer, and genuinely believe each of those makes a difference in a person’s healing (and, if you’re not one who prays, I hope this process has at least served as a fascinating observation of why we wacky Christians even bother with that whole thing in the first place).  Talk to you again soon…