August 2009

Brief Health Update – I’m doing great after my latest (and hopefully last) surgery, as my energy slowly returns to 100% and that dull pain disappears.  I’m getting ready to return to work when the school year begins in just over a week; as hard as it is to close the door on another abbreviated summer, I am actually looking forward to this school year, and all the opportunities within.  Thanks for all your prayers, encouragement, and support!


One of the few positives of being stuck in a doctors’ waiting room for an hour, is that you can actually read those articles in the magazines (rather than just skimming over the reviews of new movies and other lite fare).  My latest reading session had me stumbling across an article in Afar Magazine about the tragically-underreported Welsh sport of bog snorkeling.  Bog snorkeling?  I thought as I read. Those wacky UK folks think of all the good sports! 

Naturally curious about this, and other sports of my ancestral UK, I decided to do a little research on this and other Odd (not just) British Sports:

*pardon my all-inclusive use of “British” to include Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England, and Australia.  It’s just easier for me that way; if you’ve got a problem with that, I just had brain surgery, so back off!

**All links & videos looked fairly family-friendly at first glance, but, nonetheless, I claim no responsibility for their content.

***Any less-than-correct information I’ve got on here is the result of a very hasty research process; a simple comment stating these corrections would be sufficient, as opposed to other forms of one-upmanship that will instantly delete themselves. (more…)

Health Update: (I hope to not have to do too many of these anymore) As I posted earlier, I’m back at home and resting comfortably following my latest surgical adventure.  The surgery appears to have been a success, with no recurrence of the infection that got me here (nor the tumor that started the whole thing). 

Of course, recovery from brain surgery (albeit, a minor form of it) never comes without it’s kinks: I ended up fighting off a bout of walking pneumonia last week, and have had the usual issues with a rapid change in medication.  Thankfully, there are still a few weeks of summer vacation left before I have any real responsibilities to carry out.

 Now, as I figure out what my body’s capable of after a year of 3 major surgeries, radiation, chemo, and a lot of pills, I hope to be able to transition away from an existance centered around doctor visits and health updates, and towards other adventures (like working in a middle school while taking Graduate level classes online.  Hmm.  Chemo doesn’t sound so bad anymore…).  Your notes, encouragements, prayers, & support have all been appreciated of late and always.

OK, on to other less-important pursuits… (more…)

(well, Mom & Dad’s home, at least…)

I just wanted to let people know that I’m out of UWMC, will be back at my place tonight, and am feeling pretty good at this point.  Seeing as this was essentially plastic surgery, the recovery time won’t be nearly as long or as painful as the last surgeries;  I’m walking around (limited for awhile), and should be back up to speed before too long. 

Thanks for all your notes, encouragements, & prayers!  They seem to be doing the trick…

More soon.

Good News!  Phil’s surgery went well this morning.  Phil has a plate now, and is “hard headed” again. 🙂   If recovery goes well, as expected, he may be able to leave UW Med Center tomorrow (Tues) for a few days recoup time at our parent’s home.  We’ll try and post an update Tuesday or Wednesday.  

Ruth (Phil’s sister)

…Monday morning, 10AM-ish, I’m having what will hopefully be the last of my recent string of wacky surgeries.  In effect, I’ll be able to ditch the helmet after this one (but not before milking it a bit…): (more…)