…but I just wanted to reassure people that (a) I’m still alive, and (b) I’m still healthy.  This fall finds me mixing Grad School with full-time employment at a Middle School – a combination with a similar effect on my free time as that of mixing mentos and diet coke.  But, hey, I chose this path voluntarily (or, rather, I finally heard that it was the right one), so no whining!

Later in October, I’ll be getting my next MRI scan, with (in the words of my last report) more “unremarkable” results; I’ll keep you all posted (probably not many posts before then, though). 

How about you?  Anything interesting going on lately?  (you can always leave a comment with the words “personal note” or something like that, and I’ll delete it as soon as I read it, for you cowards that don’t like to post online 🙂 ). 

Have a great week!