November 2009

…here’s the input I’d give. (more…)



Once again (as in 2007 and 2008), we here at Felipe Beach are happy to present you with sage advice (no pun intended) for you as you prepare your family’s Thanksgiving feast, as presented by a friend at my former elementary school workplace.  Maybe these families should stick with takeout this year…

Poor Mrs. V! She has to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year!   To help her out, she asked a team of expert chefs—her second graders—how THEY would cook a turkey dinner. Here’s what they said: (more…)

First fruits.”

Ever heard this phrase before? (more…)

Got you excited there, huh?

Well, let me bring you back down.  There is no prize.  You will not receive a prize in the mail, nor should you have expectations of such (a statement which frees me from any legal obligation to send you anything 🙂 ). 

I will say this, however: my two favorite holidays of the year are coming up this month.  (more…)