December 2009

Coercive Tailgating (more…)


Although a bit of a long one, this rerun from Christianity Today magazine is a good one.  Coming on the heels of famed evangelist Oral Roberts’ passing this last week, this is an account of his correspondeces with John Lennon, the last person you’d think would be writing letters to a television preacher.  Enjoy…

John Lennon’s Born-Again Phase

“Can He love me?” the former Beatle asked Oral Roberts. “I want out of hell.”


In yet another of my efforts to launch a new regular feature on this site, I present to you a semi-regular vocabulary offering of my creation, which I believe society will be better for having heard.  Enjoy…

The Offering Wave-Off of Shame(more…)

In the spirit of holiday giving, I give you the gift of a corny internet list I’ve stumbled upon a few times; some of these things are just about little kids & angels, but, occasionally, one comes across that you laugh at while feeling smug that you know why each joke is funny (kind of like a New Yorker cartoon).  Enjoy… (more…)