(brief health update – I’ve appreciated so many people continuing to ask what’s going on w/ my head, and am even more grateful to be at a point of my healing process where every conversation no longer starts with, “So, what’s going on with your head?” 

Basically, where I’m at is that we’ll just be watching things for a long time.  If nothing changes (as in, no new tumor growth, no more seizures), that’s what we’re hoping for; if it does change, we go to Plan B.  All that’s happening now is some minor tweaking with my anti-seizure meds (phasing me off of the stuff that messes with my head).  Basically, everything’s where it’s supposed to be right now, and I’m asking God to just keep it there (health-speaking, that is).


In a previous post,  I lamented about a few commonly-used words, phrases, and other linguistic offenses that just “really get under my skin” and at times “drive me nuts” (those ones doesn’t bother me, they just fit the profile).  In the meantime, I’ve had time to get all nice & grumpy about a new set: (more…)