April 2010

We’ve all had those conversations. 

The ones where the other person knows they have news you aren’t going to want, but they’ve got the unfortunate task of delivering it.  They always start with “*sigh*…So, how you feelin’ today?” (as if they know how you’ll be feeling by the end of the conversation). (more…)


Today’s post commemorates two phenomena:

Phenomena the First: April as National Poetry Month in the States (not sure what you Canucks are doing), and

Phenomena the Second: a realization that my books are starting to walk away.  Particularly those I’ve entrusted to the safe-keeping of friends and close acquaintances. 

Wishing to blend  not only the content of the two, but, more importantly, to do so with style, I present to you…..*imaginary poetry-appropriate drum roll*…..Borrowed Book Haiku:



It is Friday, it is a good Friday, so here are my randomly-scattered thoughts on various issues each of which, while  being of great import, do not particularly an entire post warrant.  Nevertheless, the world is better for having them…

*Obligatory health update (and thanks for the many of you who continue to pray for and encourage me) — doing OK; moving off these pills, onto those pills, seeing this doctor, waiting to hear from that doctor, and getting my 6-month scan on Monday (4/5).  I should expect to hear the tumor-specific side of that one by the end of the month (there are some other things they’re looking at in the short term, which may or may not be anything of concern happening outside the skull).* (more…)