Today’s post commemorates two phenomena:

Phenomena the First: April as National Poetry Month in the States (not sure what you Canucks are doing), and

Phenomena the Second: a realization that my books are starting to walk away.  Particularly those I’ve entrusted to the safe-keeping of friends and close acquaintances. 

Wishing to blend  not only the content of the two, but, more importantly, to do so with style, I present to you…..*imaginary poetry-appropriate drum roll*…..Borrowed Book Haiku:


Oh! How I love books.

The feel, smell, and charm of them

Kindle can’t replace.

Each book a portal

To learning of days gone by.

My brain’s museum.

Stacks of paper, yes,

But, oh! So much more than that!

Each page a new door.

How great to own books!

Those purveyors of wisdom;

A shame not to share.

Such woe to loan, though;

Parting is often final;

Farewell wrought from theft.

Even the old saints

Change their tune with borrowed books;

Like snakes they become.

So, what can I do?

Choose to stop sharing my books?

Not anytime soon!

If you have a gift

That can strengthen another,

No choice but to give.

Yet, so many lost,

So many pages unread,

Forgotten on shelves.

My new strategy:

You want a book?  Great!  But, first,

Give me one of yours…

Hostage for hostage:

The way it should always be.

Balance once again…

But, first, do you think

That, if I pledge safe return,

I could read this book?