(in my efforts to maintain as much normalcy as possible during my latest tumor treatments, I’m pledging not to post a serious health update without first posting something funny and/or insightful.  I make no promises that today’s post will be either…)

What’s your dream job?  Remember those career aptitude tests in high school?  I remember being able to stay a few steps ahead of them.  “Do you like baking?  You should pursue a career as a baker.”  “Do you enjoy working on automobiles?  Perhaps you should pursue becoming an auto mechanic.”  *gasp* Shocking!

Needless to say, I never got much from those (except that my tests told me I absolutely needed to be a Film/TV Producer/Director.  Meh…).  Actually, when I was teaching HS math (remedial pre-algebra for struggling learners at a private high school), my favorite part of the year was the last day of the year, when I’d sit them down, pull out my HS career aptitude test results, show them the part where HS Math Teacher was dead last, and remark “See?  Even I was able to overcome stuff!”  (whether that was true or not is beside the point — I had my little moment there!)

In recent years, having undergone numerous career path shiftings (discussed at great length in other posts), I have narrowed down three positions that, in a Fantasy Dream World, I would be quite satisfied performing:

1) Developing-World Missionary by day, Zamboni Driver by night!

2) Game Show Host (but only something in the Price is Right/Family Feud genre…or maybe Wheel of Fortune if they brought back the Showcase of Fabulous Prizes)

3) Travel Writer (travelling the world, trying out crazy new foods and funky little hostels, then get paid to write about them.  Basically, get paid to take exciting trips).


OK, that’s mine.  How ’bout yours?