Alright, here’s the deal with Phil (health-wise, that is.  You’re on your own to figure out the rest…):

– the past week or so has shown that my new tumor growth is definitely happening, and is raising some serious heck up there.  Lots of seizure-esque feelings all week, similar to what I’ve felt when having seizures in the past, have pretty much shut me down much of the time (at least, when I’m having to concentrate on things).   Way more than you wanted to know…

– I’m heading down to University of Washington to talk with my boys and “review my films” (which means, “Here’s what we can do” and “here’s what doesn’t make sense at this point.”  Hopefully, more of the former than the latter).  I’ll keep you posted on any info that comes from that.

In the meantime, your prayers, offers of practical assistance, and just general communications have been greatly appreciated.  As I’ve mentioned, I want to still have normal conversations in the middle of this process (whatever flavor it takes on), and that it’s really hard to offend me when asking questions or offering well-wishes.  And, most importantly, please continue to let me know what’s up in your lives, and how I can be praying for & supporting you (seems the least I can do).

The other thing you can do is check out this resource I’m drawing from:  Dr. David Servan-Schreiber (a neuropsychologist who developed brain cancer, which led to his independent study of how tumors are fed and/or inhibited by our foods & lifestyles) has assembled some incredible research findings about simple changes each of us can make to significantly decrease our likelihood of developing cancers (no miracle cures here!  Good, solid science backs up every claim…definitely worth a perusing).

Happy Mothers Day!