Hi everyone –

I’ll keep this one pretty short & businesslike today.  Basically, health-wise, I’m getting better day by day, not nearly as fast as I’d like, but I’ll take it.  From all I can gather, I’m well ahead of the curve for recovery on this kind of thing, and I can’t do much but thank many, many prayers for that.

Some encouraging developments have been: getting more strength in my left hand (had been significantly weakened by surgery on right frontal lobe of brain), to the point where I can button buttons and tie my shoes again (small victories, but victories nonetheless!); plus, after nearly 2 mos of having others drive me around everywhere, I finally got to the point where myself and my docs all felt it was fine for me to be driving again!  I’ve got to admit, it feels pretty darn good to be “back in the saddle again,” and able to do what I want when I want, without having to coordinate schedules with a long list of very well-meaning, but very busy people who had offered to give me rides “anytime.”  Yeah, learning humily is good, but independence is even better; am I right, or am I right?  Plus, it’s been amazing to see all the people that have selflessly brought meals by, something I used to feel awkward about asking for, but now greatly appreciate (both as an energy-saver for me, and a chance to let others feel involved.  Not to mention the amazing food that’s coming my way!)

(A minor discouragement or two: my body’s been fighting off lots of random little bugs & ailments during this recovery time, so I’ve never really felt great (hopefully, just little stuff).  OK, just the one thing; God’s been really good these past couple months…)

Coming up: my docs and I have all decided to go with a trial study for a new form of chemotherapy (a pre-existing drug, now being tested on recurrent anaplastic glioma tumors like mine).  I’m feeling positive that a new option of treatment exists, aside from the one I did the first time (and we all see how well that one took, yes?).  What that means is, starting sometime in August, I’ll be down in Seattle two days a month, once a month, for a six-month treatment cycle; these treatments will be infusion-based (through an IV), and I’m expecting they’ll hit me harder that the previous, pill-based treatments did. 

*Also, I’ll most likely be needing a place to stay in the greater Seattle area overnight b/t these treatments; I’m thinking I won’t be up for couch-crashing (given the state I’ll be in), so if any of you in that general area have a guest bedroom to offer a quiet, occasionally-puking grad-school student for one Friday night a month, all offers will be heard, and all will be greatly appreciated.

I continue to be grateful for all the prayers, encouragement, and support so many of you have passed along during a tough time.