August 2010

Update to the Update:  I’ll be heading back to UW this Wed, Thurs, and maybe Fri for something called a “lumbar drain.”  **GROSS MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY AHEAD** This means that a fluid buildup outside my skull, but originating inside the brain area, will be drained with drains in both my scalp and lower spine, which will be observed over 2-3 days, just to make sure I don’t keep building up more fluid (something they’re not expecting).  **GROSS MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY FINISHED** All this to say I’ve been invited back to the hospital for a little  encore to a summer already way too full of doctor visits, hospital stays, and related periods of convalescence.  Oh well… (more…)


Hi everyone- Sorry I’ve been quite off the radar for some time; summer is like that (vacations + sunny days = not much typing time).  I’ll keep this short & to the point: (more…)

Health update: I’m in my 2nd week after my first chemo treatment, which I will receive every 4 weeks until we see some results in eliminating my pesky brain tumor.   The general cycle goes like this: receive infusion (by being hooked up to an IV line for about 2 hrs); then about 30 hrs of good health, followed by 2-3 days of nausea and sickness; the rest of that week is pretty hit or miss (though I’ve got some amazing meds to help me through that); then a week of low immunity; then about 2 weeks of pretty good health again, then repeat the whole thing until tumor disappears (or is significantly shrunk).  At this point, I’m just trying to take care of myself as best I can, stay grounded in prayer and God’s Word, and continue to be grateful for the prayers & support of so many… (more…)