Hi everyone- Sorry I’ve been quite off the radar for some time; summer is like that (vacations + sunny days = not much typing time).  I’ll keep this short & to the point:

The Good: today, I took my 2nd chemo infusion down at UWMC (that’s not the good part, though it’s not really that bad).  The good part came when I met w/ Dr. C, my neuro-oncologist (brain cancer doctor), and he happily announced that my scans looked “good.”  I had to clarify what “good” meant, he clarified that good = no new tumor growth in the past month (since the last MRI).

No, not some amazing, instantaneous healing, but this is fantastic news, as it means the current regiment of prayer, chemo, & lifestyle changes (in that order) are doing the job so far!

The Bad: at the same time as this treatment is working, the plan regarding this big fat pocket of cerebrospinal fluid that’s still parked on the top of my head, where all the docs said “This thing’s just got to go away on it’s own,” just isn’t working.  So, after a spur-of-the-moment consult w/ Dr. S (my neuro-surgeon: the guy who cuts me open from time to time), it was determined that an additional procedure (which I’ll get more details about tomorrow) will be needed to drain this fluid outta my head…an additional procudure requiring an additional 2-3 day hospital stay sometime in the next few weeks.

Again, I’ll have more info about this soon.  In the meantime, it’s another one of those “not good news, but good-enough news” items; sure, I didn’t want to hear this course of action, but it’s still action.

The Ugly:  Pretty small potatoes, in the grand scheme of things.  But, while waiting for my MRI, I got the call from the auto shop that confirmed my suspicion: Mr. Green, my trustworthy old 1996 Civic, needs a new transmission.  Not a ridiculously huge deal, but just something else to do 😦

More thoughts (and more profound thoughts) coming soon.  Thanks for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support; it really means the world to me, and quite literally is keeping me going many days.