(Health update below – this is just a fun one)

We always remember our many “firsts” in life…

Life’s many “firsts” take on many forms (Of which, I’ll be referring to the family-friendly ones, specifically).  Your first car, your first job, your first apt/house, perhaps your first relationship (contained within which would be such FF firsts as the first date, the first kiss, the first time you met their parents, and so on).  Should you go on to find yourself married at some point in life, you may experience the birth of your first child, as well as your first Christmas together.  You get the picture…

Today marks the first day of school for many kids, and many of my teacher friends.  My school began last Wednesday.  All this got me thinking about my first days at school, ever.  I also realized I hadn’t utilized the “That Reminds Me of a Story…” portion of this site, so here we go; my first day (and all the ones therafter) of my first class at school:  Mr. Kelley’s Kindergarten class.

The main thing I remember from the very first day was that the path from the main entrance to the classroom was marked with Paper Fozzie Bear footprints; the other K class had parallel prints from Kermit the Frog .  Right away, I liked this place; I always liked Fozzie more than Kermit (way too uptight for my liking).

Our Moms would walk us to the door, and say goodbye for the morning.  After that, we were shown to our desks &/or cubbies (I’m a little gray on the details from here on out), and got to put away our shiny new school supplies, a BIG deal for excited 5 year olds.  All the while, Mr. Kelley (a manly kind of guy with an evident kindness, warm sense of humor, and welcoming, accepting way of letting us know we were special), was getting us acquainted to the room, himself, and each other.

The most fun part of Mr. K’s class, hands down, was the Banjo Family.  Every day, after recess, he’d serenade us via either Papa Banjo, Mama Banjo, Baby Banjo, and some other distant stringed cousin who I can’t remember.  We had our favorites, and would petition for each one daily.

A conversation with church friends the other day had us sharing stories about our elementary school girlfriends; my contribution to that was my tale of my Kindergarten girlfriend.  Fawn (she probably had a last name, but her first name was cool enough that I remember that) and I sat at the same desk cluster/table, and would bring gifts for each other during our short (but intense) romance; these gifts were crappy little things like some homemade craft.  I seem to recall pipe cleaner jewelry at one point.  Eventually, my Mom put a stop to this, and told me to stop bringing things to give away at school.  And thus ended one of the great romances of our time… 🙂  I think she moved away sometime after that; like I said, it’s all a little fuzzy after several decades (ouch).

When my bus would drop me off after AM Kindergarten, at the end of my 100+ yard driveway, if I went into a dead sprint, I could just catch the final seconds of Sesame Street (my favorite thing in the world), and find who the Letter and Number sponsors for that day were.  I never have been able to figure out why that was such a big deal…

Finally, I remember our sharing time; we’d either bring in some special object, or just tell a neat story about our lives.  This was our time in the spotlight, and carried with it a lot of pressure to bring your “A” game.  The one that stands out in my mind was the day after President Reagan survived an assasination attempt, the coverage of which  had saturated the media that entire day.  What with Ronald Reagan being pretty much the biggest celebrity of the time, we all recognized that this was a big deal, and most of us shared, “President Reagan was shot yesterday.”  What was great was that everyone’s attentive reaction never waned, even after the fifth or sixth time they heard this being shared; each time was like the first.  Five-year olds are awesome..

That’s my “first” story about school.  What’s yours?