November 2010

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Once again, as in 2007, 2008, and 2009, my friend R. interviewed her 2nd graders to find out how they would prepare a Turkey Dinner.  Read, enjoy, but you might not want to accept any of these dinner invites…Happy Thanksgiving!

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But maybe one of my best!

 I got the latest word from the docs: “significant” reduction in tumor size since starting the Avastin treatments (I didn’t get a real solid look at things, as the images were quite complex, but could see a big cloud before turn into a somewhat less big cloud today. Exciting stuff!. Now, I don’t want to get too excited about things until I’ve had several sets of eyes review the scan images.  Also, I remain cautiously optimistic, as these tumors are very aggressive and don’t easily give up..

But encouraging, to say the least!  Thanks for praying…

* Health Update.  Getting my next scan this coming Wednesday, which will show how well(or not) the new treatment is working (or not).  I’m not sure if we’ll be able to make a call on things after just one month.  It is, however, quite humbling to see the kind of dollars being thrown around on my behalf:

What you’re seeing here is the invoice for one visit to my docs at UW. That staggering 5-digit number at the top is the cost for my Avastin treatment alone (a single bag of fluid that takes 30 min. to drip into my system). What you’re seeing at the bottom is my total out-of-pocket costs. What you’re seeing when you look at me is a guy thanking God for easy access to the 3rd best cancer care hospital in the country, for good insurance, and for some amazing other assistance from the hospital.

In the meantime, I’m generally feeling OK, and don’t have too many symptoms of having a brain tumor in my system.  However, a very frustrating one of late has been a significant loss of function in my left hand, dropping off quite sharply in the past month or so.  Though I can certainly negotiate around this, it makes life quite frustrating (especially when I can’t do two of the things I love the most: typing my thoughts into words, and playing my guitar).

But on to more fun topics…



Having just completed a couple weeks of prep for speaking at my church on the topic of the Book of Job (the audio for which can be found below), I’m realizing how long ago it was that I actually gave any kind of update on things.

Sermon audio for Victory Christisan Fellowship can be accessed by clicking here, where you can either stream the audio, or download the mp3, which can be listened to directly or burned to a CD (please let me know if you are uncertain about how to do these things; I’ll make fun of you for being old, then try my best to help you).  The audio comes in two parts, both the message and the audiobook reading of the entire Book of Job.  (more…)