Having just completed a couple weeks of prep for speaking at my church on the topic of the Book of Job (the audio for which can be found below), I’m realizing how long ago it was that I actually gave any kind of update on things.

Sermon audio for Victory Christisan Fellowship can be accessed by clicking here, where you can either stream the audio, or download the mp3, which can be listened to directly or burned to a CD (please let me know if you are uncertain about how to do these things; I’ll make fun of you for being old, then try my best to help you).  The audio comes in two parts, both the message and the audiobook reading of the entire Book of Job. 

I’m pretty pleased with how I was able to convey my main observations about Job’s story as well as my own.  Mostly, I was excited about the conversations that it started; that kind of thing lets me see that I wasn’t pulling all the strings on this one.  Worth 34 min. of your life, in my humble opinion…

Health update: Just had my 2nd treatment of Avastin (the new game plan) today.  So far, no noticeable side effects, which is pretty normal.  The only new symptoms of any kind that I’m feeling is an increase in difficulty using my left hand (the one that’s been affected this whole time), making tasks like typing really hard, which is quite frustrating since I want to be writing more.

In two weeks, I have my next treatment, along with the next scan, when we’ll be able to gauge what effect the new stuff is having.

Life update: Aside from the aforementioned speaking gig, my life has generally centered around hospitals, doctors, my amazing workplace (which has gone above & beyond any reasonable expectations of accommodating me), and some occasional but rare fun (significantly hampered by some  pending frustrations, alluded to below).  In the interest of full transparency, I could use a bit more sunshine than I  (much less my Whatcom County home) have seen lately.  Without going into a big uninvited rant, I’ll just suggest that more than a few looming financial obligations are weighing heavy on me; knowing the responsibilities I have, coupled with an inability to do much about it right now, is creating more than a little frustration.  God’s always walked me through these ones before, but I haven’t seen it so far this time around.  I guess I’m just asking for some prayer for (a) my circumstances, (b) my patience, or (c) both. 

Thanks for indulging me, once again…we’ll try something more fun next time, yes?