December 2010

*Health Update (link to previous post – nothin new in past few days)

Here at the end of two-thousand-ten (none of this twenty-ten business), it’s getting to be that time again to start taking stock of another successful orbit around the sun, and all the goods & bads contained within. I have absolutely no idea where to begin for the emotional rollercoaster that was 2010,and I hope to be able to pass along a more thoroughly processed reflection. But, for now, I take the easy way out, and pass along this link (click here) to my photo journey of the year, which I posted on Facebook. Explanations have been left out, as most times, the picture tells a much better story than the witnesses ever could.  Enjoy.  And Happy New Year’s, everyone!


**Health update – My new treatment (Avastin) is going smoothly, especially since I’m able to get the 30 min. treatments done here up North, as opposed to the 2-hr drive to University of Washington medical ctr.  So far, pretty minimal side effects, just spikes in blood pressure with each succesive treatment.  However, the big issue continues to be the gradual loss of fine motor dexterity in my left hand (that means I can still move it around. but can’t do stuff with it; this rare update is being typed with my new one handed typing technique).  I’ve definitely noticed this getting worse with each passing week, which, if my tumor is shrinking, has my docs. a bit stumped.  We’ll find out if that shrinking trend has continued at my next scan on Jan. 12; I’d like to say I’m ready to hear bad news if they deliver it, but really, are we ever ready to have our balloons of hope deflated?  Still just trusting God to write the best story He can through this whole experience…**

So, as I ranted last time I contributed to the internet, Christmas has really been on my heart this year.  (more…)

* Health Update:  I’m mostly feeling pretty good these days; the nasty weather we’ve had lately here in the PNW tends to wreck havoc w/ my head, and I’m not seeing any recovery of my left hand dexterity (which makes updating this site fairly frustrating and time consuming.  However, there’s still so much to be thanking God for at this special time of year.  I’m still basking in the glow of my latest MRI results (though, cautiously so).  I’ve been able to start taking my infusion treatments here in Bellingham, and enjoyed only driving 30 min., as opposed to 2. 5 hrs., to get to a 30 min. infusion.  My insurance coverage continues to be a hugh blessing (blessing, in its proper usage, meaning God invoking his favor upon someone, thus giving them a portrait of himself) – I’ve hit my copay maximums for the year, making about 5 remaining Dec. doctor appts. essentially free of charge (kind of like Canada, but w/o the wait times and rationed care).  My prescriptions keep stacking up, but I continue to just pay $5 a bottle; I stood in line the other day behind a sweet little old lady who shelled out about $130 for two bottles.  My employer, a local school district, continues to be amazing; I can take off any time I need for appts., naps, or whatever, and just make up the time whenever it works, plus the staff in my new building continues to welcome me in like a long-lost relative.  And my beloved church family regularly lifts me up with prayer, encouragement, practical support, making me laugh, and continuing to show me what Christ’s love looks like in community.

So this is Christmas… (more…)