January 2011

**Health update:  Sorry I’m not updating too much these days; my left hand is getting a lot worse.  My local doc has suggested it might be due to fluid buildup in the brain (hey, you don’t expect to come to my site w/o some gross medical conversation).  As I mentioned, I had my most recent scan a couple of weeks ago; at the time, I perceived that the results were inconclusive (not great, but at the very least, not worse).  However, turns out it’s a bit more complicated than that; yes, the tumor hasn’t grown, but it’s also not getting smaller.  And, though I walked away from the previous scan believing this thing was on the retreat, it turns out that was never really the case.  Nor is that expected from this line of treatment at all; best case scenario for this medicine is to keep the tumor from growing, which at this point appears to be about as much as conventional medicine can hope for (which, in an of itself, is a result the docs have been pretty happy with.  My local guy reminds me, “Stable is good in our business.”  I won’t complain.)

In the meantime, my treatments of Avastin continue every two weeks, and, aside from the hand, I feel great (which is another thing that’s not a small deal to the docs, given the angry nature of glioblastomas).  And, furthermore, God’s been showing up in various unexpected ways.  By way of some very generous & thoughtful gifts, I’ve got a little financial breathing room for awhile.  My car, Mr. Green, is holding steady, though my pirate claw hand is keeping me from taking it very far).  And my friends and family continue to be an amazing support when I need it most.  Thank you.

I just picked up a device that should help me put my handwriting to text, so hopefully that means more writing in the future.


** The Latest:  Not much new; just continued loss of function/dexterity/strength in my left hand (has been getting gradually worse since October, but definitely worse over the past month).  As you can imagine, this has been both very frustrating and very inconvenient; and, still, I’m reminded to be grateful that my right hand remains just fine.  That being said, I’m feeling great otherwise; even the blood pressure spikes being caused by my current treatments have been kept under control. 

My next MRI is this coming Wed. (Jan 12); I’ll head down to UW Med. Ctr., get some images of my brain taken (when did that phrase become routine?), and meet w/ my neuro-oncologist to talk about what they see (and, furthermore, how about that phrase?). 

My current state of mind is this: whatever the scan’s going to show is already up there.  I’m more praying for the peace of mind to take on whatever the docs tell me is happening up there; if it’s good, I want to remain grateful for God’s provision, and retain my focus on how God would use me during this chapter of my life.  If it’s bad, I’ll need wisdom to work alongside the docs, who also will need wisdom, as we revise the plan once again.

Thanks for your continued prayer; I’ll update as soon as I can

***Scan update (1-12-11):  brain scan results = sort of inconclusive. I didn’t get the impression things were much better, but feel reasonably confident they weren’t worse. I’ll talk w/ my local guy on Tues, and see what he thinks. In the meantime, we stay the course, and remain grateful that I’m doing pretty darn well relative to others in this situation…***