February 2011

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I just found this one in my unpublished drafts folder; not sure why I never posted it (note that the time references are from just under two years ago)

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 Health Update: This has been a pretty discouraging week.

 On Wed., I had my latest MRI scan down at UW. This was supposed to be in a month, but was “bumped up” after  my little ice skating mishap left my left arm pretty useless. My hope was that this scan would reveal no new tumor growth, and an easily reversible problem causing said arm issues.

 What I actually got from the doc  was neither (later confirmed by my local doc): part of the tumor has grown a bit (though it’s more complicated than that, and involves me using words like “vascular independent,” so I’ll spare you).  And the arm situation doesn’t look like it can be reversed anytime soon. Frustrating, to say the least (a phrase I’ve had to use far too many times lately.

 Next up is the addition of an occasional chemo poll treatment alongside the ongoing Avastin (the $ 10.000/ bag stuff) treatments(which I discovered I never actually discussed much here – hard to keep my blog & Facebook sorted out.  Check the links on each of those words, and prepare for your jaw to drop…).  I’m also looking more seriously outside the bounds of conventional treatments as a means of destroying the tumor.

 In the a meantime I’ve had a week filled with the reality of a very angry brain tumor that doesn’t appear ready to go away.  Add to that what amounts to a new state of being disabled (technically, I could be considered disabled at the moment, as bizarre as that sounds).

I continue to pray and have hope that this thing can be turned around, and will give me nothing but a valuable experience and a cool set of scars, but the gravity of the situation is weighing heavy on me lately. Thank you for your ongoing prayers, support, & encouragements…


This is the first post I’m doing with my digital pen, that turns my sloppy handwriting into computer text (very cool, but very time intensive, which makes for infrequent updates.

*Health Update*: As you’ll read in my post below, I had a little fluke setback in the past couple weeks, which took away most of my remaining left hand/arm movement (for the time being).  With my left side strength never having comeback in full (on top of diminishing strength over the gust months), my brain team down at UWMC wants to have a look at my brain about a month earlier than expected. Wed. AM, I’ll be getting another MRI and finding out what it shows that afternoon.  My hope is that tumor growth will remain nil, and that the garbage shutting down my left side will be shown to be something easily reversible. I’m also praying that God would help me glean as much from all this as I can, and that I’m ready for whatever’s coming next, even if it’s just more frustration.  Thanks for your prayers to that effect