April 2011

To answer the question I get quite frequently these days: yes, I’m still working. I certainly understand the concern & compassion behind this inquiry, but it always implies an expectation of an impending end to my working days; something I can envision but am avoiding kicking & screaming. Yes, my position with the local school district that has been so good to me affords quite a bit of flexibility; and, yet, quite often I find myself not feeling quite right (either nauseous. or the  “not-quite-right” sensation that indicates seizures may not be far off), and realize that going forward at full peed simply isn’t an luxury I have. 

More than a few times recently, I’ve had to walk that line between acknowledging that my body has legitimate limitations that need to be respected, and hiding behind those “handicaps” as an excuse to get out of things.  It’s a tricky line to walk, as each time I concede to the reality of what my body appears to be able to do. It’s those days when I realize that taking the safe, easy path pushes me one step closer to that day when my answer is “No, I’m not working anymore.” I’m simply not willing to go there voluntarily.. (more…)


*health update next time*

This is the tale of how the fates of Natalia (my guitar) and Mr. Green (my car) are intertwining with my life and health circumstances these days. (more…)