May 2011

Horribly  outdated Health update, which shall soon be updated with the lots that has
happened in the past few weeks: when last I left you, my latest MRI tracking the continued growth of that nasty glioblastoma  in my head showed that the most recent form of chemo wasn’t doing the job, so I had decided it was time go all in Naturopathically, with ongoing assistance and navigation from the traditional med. docs, who are pretty smart folks and have managed to Keep me going well thus far. Lately, I’ve been having increased seizures, which really do little but keep me from driving and provide a lot of inconvenience.  Never boring here…

In the spirit of  returning to long neglected writing categories, I’m realizing I
haven’t spun a ripping good yarn lately.. Let’s remedy that, shall we? (more…)



Confession: I am a chronic over thinker

It’s been a pathetically long time since my last update here. I hope you understand: no news means either no change, or I’m tired of talking / thinking about it for the time, but will come around and let my prayer & encouragement partners know how they best pray for and support me. Even longer ago was my last submission to the confessional section of this site (where I’ve disclosed such scandolous objects of desire as Sno-Cones and Corn Dogs). So, in the spirit of intentional laziness, let’s hit them both at the same time. (more…)