June 2011

As I’ve mentioned, updating this page has been a tricky venture of late; in the midst of a turbulent month, I’ve had both computer equiptment issues, and brain equiptment issues.  It gets hard to be creative in the midst of some rough waters, which the past couple weeks have carried. (more…)


Hi everyone-

I apologize if you’ve been checking back here for updates lately, only to walk away empty handed.  Posting anything of length is now a multiple step process.

This is just going to be a little snack today; not a whole meal, but just a few nuggets of info and some scattered thoughts as garnish.

In short I’ve had a rollercoaster month.  Got a whole lot worse fast (lots of symptoms of
tumor progression), then a whole lot better (walking around, when I was
basically wheelchairinging it for a week or two).  In the meantime, I was
expecting to have several miserable weeks, but have been blown away by random
encouragements.  All this after I had just journaled that God was going to
give me just enough daily bread to get me by. He’s pretty good. (more…)