How I’m feeling “Right Now” has rarely served me well in life. It seems like I have a hard time separating my momen tary gripes, joys, longings, and other selfish impulses from the true reality of what’s happening around me. I guess I would have hoped that by this point in my life I could have a better memory of the past, and not just rely on my gut reactions to my immediate circumstances; and have the faith to remember God’s promises to never leave me hanging, even though I might not enjoy (“If the Creator of the universe cares enough about the humble birds to care for them, why would He care any less about us? God provides for the birds’ needs; as He loves us even more, we can count on Him to provide for us as well (Matt. 6:26)). Perhaps worry makes me feel in control of situations that otherwise presents no visual stability (as when Peter, seeing Jesus walking on the water, who assures them: “Take courage! It is I.  Don’t be afraid.” “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”Matt.14:27-28). These past weeks have presented such opportunities for worry, as I received unfavorable scan results (see health update), and seek a new housing option- “home” has always been a necessary element of my personal well being, and God has always provided for such, though He has consistently made me sweat before revealing the best option for me; at present, Ian in sweat mode, with my deodorant quickly giving way. Just the same, remembering to remember usually keeps me focused on trusting His guiding hand and not trying to worry my way into a
situation I can do little more than work & pray for.

So, in all that, why do we trust ”Right Now” more than what we’ve always seen? I wish I had an answer, but that would be a right now instinct, rather than a meditative, prayerful answer: I’ll just let this one fester in you.  “Right Now” usually lies, and uses
my fears to produce a reaction that rarely serves us well