(see health update on last post below – next one coming by Thanksgiving, with my next scan coming the day before)

A few weeks ago while on what has become my every other week trip to the local Trader Joe’s grocery; (In the interest of story brevity; I’m just going to assume you know what Trader Joe’s is (if not, here you go).

I was simultaneously impressed, amused, and annoyed by a Wed. eve. run to Trader Joes…as I knew it would be really busy (and knowing I’m not steady enough on my feet for lots of spacey distracted shoppers); I opted for the motorized cart – which stopped being a fun alternative after about the 2nd time.
After the mgr went way out of his way to get an immobilized cart running for me – then track me down to let me know so….

When people see the cart & the cane, their helpful natures come out; everytime I looked perplexed or like I was efforting to do something, I had someone stepping up to offer assistance – they just didn’t understand that I always look like that (I’d thank them for their concern, and let them know that I was in control of the situation, unless it involved making a decision or fighting my way to the samples counter). Very sweet, genuinely kind people…some might be offended by offers of help, so good on them for just putting it out there (cuz sometimes people just don’t feel like asking for help when they need it)

But, for all the verbal helpfulness, the masses still made my shopping experience a difficult one by stumbling around like it was the first time they’d been to a grocery store before; thankfully, I know how to anticipate others’ unpredictable movements, which usually means I pause before a blind corner; annoying all behind me, until they’d see some very distracted, rushed person flying around said corner w/ their head down. Or stumbling around in front of displays, which I can also predict & pause my path so as to avoid the eventual collision. Annoying those same fellow shoppers, who didn’t understand the idea of looking several steps to avoid catastrophic results (true visionaries are never appreciated in their time)

As my body becomes more and more unsteady, or at least doesn’t improve; I’ve found myself taking the occasional fall (nothing too serious, just seriously embarrasing). I’m having to face the prospect of a life (however long it would be) of significantly diminished physical abilities.

Perhaps my takeaway from this whole story was an interesting study in good intentions(in the vein of “let me know what I can do to help“); perhaps it was more a reflection of my own selfishness (having come to both anticipate & expect a certain response to the visually obvious disabilities I’m sporting these days…perhaps I just needed to put something up here again, and this story was as good as any( they can’t all be prize winners)