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In what has become an annual holiday tradition here on the beach: it gives me great pleasure to present to you the 2nd grade responses(courtesy of the students of a friend of mine) to urgent situation described here

Poor Mrs. V! She has to cook Thanksgiving dinner, and she’s never cooked a turkey before! So she turned to some experts to help her out—her second grade class. They generously shared their recipes for how to cook a turkey dinner! (more…)


(scroll down the page for my latest health update)

I just found this one in my unpublished drafts folder; not sure why I never posted it (note that the time references are from just under two years ago)

********************************************************************** (more…)

* Health Update.  Getting my next scan this coming Wednesday, which will show how well(or not) the new treatment is working (or not).  I’m not sure if we’ll be able to make a call on things after just one month.  It is, however, quite humbling to see the kind of dollars being thrown around on my behalf:

What you’re seeing here is the invoice for one visit to my docs at UW. That staggering 5-digit number at the top is the cost for my Avastin treatment alone (a single bag of fluid that takes 30 min. to drip into my system). What you’re seeing at the bottom is my total out-of-pocket costs. What you’re seeing when you look at me is a guy thanking God for easy access to the 3rd best cancer care hospital in the country, for good insurance, and for some amazing other assistance from the hospital.

In the meantime, I’m generally feeling OK, and don’t have too many symptoms of having a brain tumor in my system.  However, a very frustrating one of late has been a significant loss of function in my left hand, dropping off quite sharply in the past month or so.  Though I can certainly negotiate around this, it makes life quite frustrating (especially when I can’t do two of the things I love the most: typing my thoughts into words, and playing my guitar).

But on to more fun topics…




Once again (as in 2007 and 2008), we here at Felipe Beach are happy to present you with sage advice (no pun intended) for you as you prepare your family’s Thanksgiving feast, as presented by a friend at my former elementary school workplace.  Maybe these families should stick with takeout this year…

Poor Mrs. V! She has to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year!   To help her out, she asked a team of expert chefs—her second graders—how THEY would cook a turkey dinner. Here’s what they said: (more…)

Quick health update — I had my latest MRI the other day, and am awaiting results (or lack thereof) to see if either my infection or tumor has decided to show its ugly face again.  I’ll let you know as soon as I confirm the nothing that’s going on up there.  Thanks again for your prayers to that effect!)

Alright…on to business! 

The Long Weekend is upon us (either celebrating Canada’s birthday, or the U.S.’s sticking it to the British (via a War which, by the way, my family at the time was on the losing side of.  Worked out OK for us, though…).  So, with all this free time of yours, you have the choice to (a) work on that list of projects you’ve been saving up, (b) go socialize with friends, (c) enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, or (d) dink around online for a few hours before doing items a-c. 

To that end, may I assist?  Here’s a list of humorous or interesting sites I’ve been able to discover via my timewasting adventures of the past few months.  Enjoy! (more…)

**Health Update: last week’s MRI results came back, and I am pleased to report that I am “stable.” (well, at least my brain cells are) That basically means that, although the doctor’s can’t really see what’s going on in the scar tissue surrounding my tumor site, they don’t see anything growing in there, and that’s good news in tumor terms.  I’ll take it.  Then we’ll go through this whole mess again in about three months…


Let’s see, what’s in the news this week?  Basketball?  Yup.  Evil corporate shenanigans?  You know it.  Politicians saying stupid things?  Hmmm…


In lieu of a lengthy Christmas letter, I’ve begun putting my “year-in-review” thoughts online the past few years.  This year, I’ve created an entire new site devoted to these thoughts.  Many of you received an email pointing you there; for the rest of you, you can head over to for some end-of-the-year, beginning-of-the-year revelry (perhaps a little merriment tossed in there, too.  Absolutely no ballyhoo, though…).  Enjoy, and happy 2009!

*Brief health update — I’m doing great, and awaiting my next round of follow-up chemo (which gave me nearly no side effects last time around).  I’m getting around perfectly fine these days (when I can get through the snow, that is), still figuring a few things out with how my brain handles different types of stimuli (but no seizures, thank God), and very thankful for your prayer, support, and encouragement this past year!*

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